New Construction

Yes,  you need us!
New  Construction Tutorial

Why you need a Home & Hearth Realtor when building a home.

What  does it cost you?
All compensation given to a Home & Hearth Realtor is paid by the builder and has no impact on the final cost of your home.

Builders expect and encourage realtor participation because they know that a knowledgeable realtor will make for an improved transaction. As a matter of fact, if you don't use the professional services of a Realtor it could cost you.

Overall  Savings!
Using an experienced Home & Hearth Realtor you will have someone working for you. The builder acts as the listing agent and has a wealth of knowledge.

Level the playing field, your Realtor's experience and influence represents strength and leverage on your behalf. If you don't know the right questions to ask, you may not find the answers.

You  are Represented
Buying a home requires the teamwork of many different entities,  who better to orchestrate the many phone calls, paperwork, and faxes that occur between the builder, lender, and title company than your experienced Home & Hearth Realtor?

Resale  and Profit
Make the most of your investment. Questions concerning site  location, builder, design, and upgrades are important.

Your Home & Hearth Realtor knows you are not just building  for today; we can help give you the best opportunity for appreciation at resale.

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