Raw Land

As my daddy once told me they aren't making any more land...
so when you find a piece you really like and at a great price-

Raw land is still a great investment. If we had a crystal ball we could all get rich if we just knew where to purchase for the next real estate boom!

HOME AND HEARTH REALTY will guide you as you make decisions about whether it is best to buy an existing home or purchase raw land to build upon in the future. Not everyone is aware that to gain financing for raw land takes some extra time. 

Regular lenders or mortgage companies do not lend on raw land. You must go to a bank, credit union or owner financing to get the loan to purchase the land.

As a buyer starts the process of looking for land, he or she would be wise to contact a HOME AND HEARTH REALTY agent for consultation. No fee is charged to help a buyer make a wise decision!

HOME AND HEARTH REALTY agents know that purchasing raw land is not just about the financing.  Other important aspects to consider are:

  • Are there any endangered species inhabiting the property?
  • What utilities are available?
  • Does a septic need to be installed? Will the septic need to be a specially engineered one to satisfy government agencies, such as LCRA or Corp of Engineers? Is the land able to hold a septic system or must another piece of land be purchased to place the septic system?
  • Will a well need to be dug? How far down must the well be dug to "hit" good water? Is there even water below the surface?
  • What permits must be obtained for this particular raw land to have a home built upon it? How much will those permits cost? 
  • What size home must be built upon the land? Must the home be completed within a time limit?
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