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What  is a Sellers Agent?
A real estate agent employed to work in the best  interests of a seller in a real estate transaction. The agent's  loyalties are with the seller.

It is the agent's duty to share with the seller all information about potential buyers that may help the seller make decisions regarding the transaction.

Selling  a home can be a very emotional occasion; many memories are associated with our homes. And often the sale of a home is  much like "cutting the apron strings" between a  child and a parent.

Letting go will be emotional but a seller must look at the sale of the home as a business transaction. It helps to work with a trusted HOME AND HEARTH REALTY agent who will help you through this transition period.

If  you are like most people, you want to sell your home:

  • Quickly
  • At  a profit
  • At  little cost
  • Without  stress

At HOME AND HEARTH REALTY we provide a technology based  old-fashioned service approach to selling homes.
By combining  the latest technology and know-how with exceptional service  we create a sales approach that is comprehensive, highly responsive, and effective.

We will help you assess your home's value accurately,  prepare your home to sell quickly, and attract a qualified  buyer.

Common Mistakes Sellers Make

Basing  the list price of your home on the price you would like to get rather than on market value
Market value determines the price of your home, not wishful thinking. A buyer won't pay more for your home just because you think you need more money in order to purchase your next home.

Find out the market value of your current home by having your HOME AND HEARTH REALTY agent prepare a comparative market analysis. This will tell you the value of your home based on comparable sales of homes in your area. With this information, you can determine an accurate list  price for the current market value.

Putting  a home on the market before it is spruced up
Buyers and their agents remember what they see. Their first  impressions are lasting ones. If a property looks a mess when  it hits the market, that's how they will remember it.

 Most  people lack the vision to imagine what the home will look  like when it's fixed up. It's usually better to delay marketing  a home until it's spruced up for sale.

Refusing  to reduce a listing price that is too high for the market
It's hard to be objective about the value of your home. This is why it's important to get a professional opinion before setting a listing price.

Over-priced listings often take a long time to sell. Then they often sell for less than they would have if they were priced right to begin with.

 If you find that your list price is too high for the market, reduce  your price sooner rather than later. The longer it sits on  the market unsold, the lower the ultimate selling price is  likely to be.

Insisting  on being present when the home is shown to prospective buyers.
One way to discourage buyers from buying your home is to be  home during showings. For buyers to decide to buy a home,  they first must discover and discuss, all of your homes aspects  (the good and the bad).

Buyers are reluctant to say anything  negative about a home in the seller's presence. It's best to leave your home when it's shown to buyers.

Refusing to do anything to get your house ready to sell
The way most people live in their homes is usually very different  from the way a home should look when it goes on the market. In order for someone to want to buy the home, they must be able to envision themselves living there.

 Most sellers have to "de-clutter" and clear their homes - at the very least. Often there's quite a bit more work that needs to be  done before a home is ready to sell.

 In order get the highest  price possible when you sell a car, it's wise to have it detailed  so it looks its shiny best. The same concept applies to selling  houses. Buyers pay a premium for homes that are in move-in  condition.

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